Reveals the Singers and Tracklist for #SMTheBallad New Album, "Breath"

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SM Reveals the Singers and Tracklist for “SM The Ballad” New Album, “Breath”
SM‘s ballad project called “SM The Ballad” will be releasing their second album, “Breath,” on February 13.
On February 4, according to SM, the artists participating in this album are TVXQ!’s ChangminSuper Junior’s Yesung,Girls’ Generation’s TaeyeonSHINee’s Jonghyunf(x)’s KrystalEXO’s ChenSuper Junior-M’s Zhoumi, and Zhang Li Yin. 
This album will consist of 6 songs with a theme of ‘separation,’ organized like a story.
1. “Dear…” (intro)
2. “Breath” – The title track of the album, “Breath” is about the feelings of a man and woman right after a breakup.
3. “I Was Greedy” – tells the point of view of the man after separation.
4. “Set Me Free” – A solo by Taeyeon, this song tells the point of view of the woman.
5. “One Day” – A duet by Jonghyun and Chen, “One Day” is about daily life that has changed.
6. “The Good and Bad” – A duet by Krystal and Chen, the song is the conversation of the man and woman after they coincidentally meet.
Two of the songs from the album, “Breath” and “I Was Greedy,” will be sung in three different languages.
The Korean version of “Breath” will be done by Taeyeon and Jonghyun, the Chinese version by Chen and Zhang Li Yin, and the Japanese version by Changmin and Krystal.
For “I Was Greedy,” the Korean and Japanese version will be sung by Yesung, and the Chinese version Zhoumi. Even though the songs are the same, the different language and singer will give the songs their own unique sound and character. Be sure to check it out on February 13!

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