SHINee's Onew under investigation for sexual harrasment

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Onew is currently under investigation for sexual harassment accusations made by a woman that says the singer sexually grabbed her not once, but twice early in the morning in a popular night club in Gangnam District on August 12th. There’s a witness to this act and now the case is under investigation.
SM ENT. has released a statement saying the following-

“We’re addressing the reports that made headlines about Onew.
As a public figure, Onew has made headlines for a negative incident. For this, he’s deeply reflecting on causing worry to so many people.

In the early morning of the 12th, he attended a club with friends to congratulate an acquaintance who had debuted as a DJ. He was dancing in a drunken state, and he unintentionally made physical contact with those around him. Because of the misunderstanding, he was investigated by police.

However, the other side has admitted it’s something that could occur and has dropped the charges as the misunderstanding has been cleared up.
Onew plans to faithfully participate in the remaining investigation.

In the situation that additional reports are made without confirmation of the accurate progress of the incident, it could damage his image and reputation in his domestic and overseas promotions, which he’s faithfully worked for. Because of this, we sincerely ask that you refrain from additional reports.

We apologize once again for causing distress to you all.”

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