Melania Trump & SHINee's Minho go viral!

As U.S President Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, are currently in Seoul as part of their Asia tour. Melania has given a speech about genre equality in sport. During the event, Melania met with a group of teenage girls and greeted them. But many girls did not know that K-Pop superstar SHINee’s Minho was standing a few feet from the First Lady. One of the teenage girls noticed Minho and alerted her friend that Minho was behind her. The other teenage girl turns around and fell to the ground surprised and shocked at who she has seen. Minho laughed that the girls noticed him. Melania seemed confused about what was going on for a second, and then she patted Minho on his arm. Then other girls then greeted Minho and seemed shocked as well.

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