Western media trying to ruin BTS' image?!

BTS has been in many interviews lately due to their rise in global fame and their attendance to the AMA’s. But with rising fame, there are always people that will try to ruin a superstar’s image.

Today, a video surfaced on YouTube of a paparazzi trying to interview BTS in a middle of a photoshoot. The paparazzi rudely stood in the middle of their photo shoot and started asking questions. BTS assistants tried to tell the paparazzi that he was not allowed to interview them at the moment, but the paparazzi insisted and started confronting BTS. Security guards tried back up the paparazzi but kept resisting. BTS was taken away at that moment. The paparazzi then approached some fans and told them that BTS was being rude for not accepting his interview, and was trying to give BTS a bad image to their fans.

Do not let paparazzi ruin a superstar’s image, sometimes there are reasons they cannot do interviews. They are humans too and deserve some personal space.

What do you think about the paparazzi’s actions?

*Update* (11/27/2017- 3:20PM C-USA) The video was deleted by video owner

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