Jonghyun's posthumous comeback album + tracklist

It has been over a month since Jonghyun’s passing. It was confirmed Jonghyun had been working on an album before his death. SM Ent. has officially announced that Jonghyun’s album “Poet | Artist’ will be released on January 23rd on digital platforms and a physical album will be released on January 24th.
All the proceeds will go to Jonghyun’s foundation (which is still in the planning) to help those in need.
The album will contain 11 songs:
1. Shinin
2. Only One You Need (Phantom Pain)
3. #Hashtag
4. Grease
5. Take the Dive
6. Sightseeing
7. Rewind
8. Just For A Day
9. I’m So Curious
10. Sentimental
11. Before Our Spring

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