Red Velvet's 2018 Summer Comeback?!

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ReVeluvlies are anxious for another comeback from the QUEENS! Red Velvet is preparing for their Japan debut, but what many fans want to know is, will there be a Korean comeback?! Well, we investigated and here is what we found.

In the month of June, RV will be in the States to perform at KCON NY 2018, so their definitely not going to be a comeback this month.

In the month of July, #Cookie Jar will debut and their first Japan Mini Album will drop. They are scheduled to perform in some Japanese shows. Japanese promotion usually does not take to long like Korean promotions, so it will most likely only last about 2-3 weeks.
The last week and a half of July they seem to not have anything scheduled, so they may be recording music or even a music video in that week.

August is Red Velvet’s anniversary, as many fans know artist like to release music around the time of their anniversary, so we might have a comeback in mid-August. Maybe another iconic summer bop?

So what do you think? Do you believe they will comeback in August?

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