Rumors drag a TWICE member into SEUNGRI's scandal!

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The infamous chatroom rumors involving Seungri, and recently Jung Joon Young, have caused a major scandal in the K-Pop industry.
Along with these rumors, TWICE’s Jihyo has been dragged into the scandal. Unverified reports mentioned a K-Pop female idol to be involved in the illegal videos shared in the chatroom. It was later confirmed that Jihyo was not the female idol in the video. Due to these reports, JYP Entertainment has decided to take legal action against negative comments and reports about TWICE’s Jihyo. JYP’s decision to take legal action was decided because they believe these rumors can damage the idol’s image and reputation.

JYP Entertainment statement:

“This is JYP Entertainment,

We’ve decided that the rumors that have spread about our artist can seriously damage their image and reputation, so we are currently seeking ways to take legal action against tho who created and spread these rumors.

When malicious rumors are spread about an artist, it’s possible to make charges for cyber defamation. Therefore, we are currently consulting our law firm regarding gathering evidence and taking countermeasures.

We ask fans to provide any information they might have so that we can take appropriate measures to protect the artist’s rights and interests”

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