WHO'S our Rodeo Houston KPOP night performer? Read now!

Rodeo Houston has made history hosting their first ever KPOP night, and who are the lucky performers?

It was leaked this morning on social media that NCT 127, are going to be the first ever KPOP group to perform at Rodeo Houston! Twitter has shown different reactions to the news; some are upset that they will be performing at a “random” rodeo,  but they don’t realize that Rodeo Houston is basically the “super bowl” of rodeos. Last year alone, it brought in over 2 million individuals in the month it was active, and the arena itself can hold more than 75K thousand people! The biggest crowd coming from performer, Cardi B, in March of 2019, bringing in 75,580 paid attendees. 
For us Texans, this isn’t just a rodeo, it’s a tradition, and we welcome NCT 127! 
Even though it was leaked before the official announcement by Rodeo Houston themselves, who’s to say it isn’t true?  Stay tuned tonight at 7pm for their LIVE announcement on Facebook.

Let’s show our support for NCT 127, tickets have seem to always sellout quick for Rodeo Houston, and I assure you it will for this event! Put your reminder on as tickets go on sale January 16th at 10am! 

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