BTS' Jungkook hints at "#CONNECT BTS"

Earlier this morning Jeon Jungkook of BTS uploaded a selfie of himself on twitter captioning “For ARMY” followed by the hashtag “#CONNECT_BTS”, is this a taste of what we will be getting soon?
There’s a variety of different artwork posted behind him. We’ve come to notice this album is revolving around different pieces of art, hence why their album will come with a coloring page.

BTS has driven the world into a frenzy as their latest trailer ‘Shadow’ featuring Min Yoongi, SUGA, for their upcoming album ‘Map of the Soul: 7” that will be released on February 21st of this year. They released a timeline starting with the trailer and ending February 28th. 
Their next reveal will be “Connect, BTS: Online” on January 14th. What is BTS up to ? There are so many theories circulating on the twittesphere, and we can’t wait to find out in just a few days! 

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