Monsta X, another world tour?!

Earlier this morning Monsta X released some news! They will be embarking on ANOTHER world tour!

Some fans are a bit worried about Monsta X heading out for another tour after losing a member in 2019 and one suffering from anxiety. Fans have even called out Starship Entertainment for not giving the boys breaks that they need!  Of course this is very exciting, but a rest is well needed and deserved to Monsta X. 

On another note; their North America portion of their tour will begin Minneapolis, MN on June 2nd, and end in Los Angeles, CA on July 11th.Tickets go on sale January 17th at 3PM (EST) just 4 days from the announcement! You can check out all the details and ticketing information for each stop here! Stay tuned for more info regarding Monsta X and their upcoming tour!

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