THE BOYZ have officially joined SuperStar Series!

Dalcomsoft’s SuperStar Series has added THE BOYZ to its rhythm-based game; a game that allows fans around the world to play games to the hottest songs! It comes as no surprise as ‘THE BOYZ‘ has been on top of their A-Game, they have shown their strength and growth through the years with an incredible performance on the hit TV show, KINGDOM.

With the holiday season coming to a close, we have to say their new album, ‘MAVERICK‘ was perfection. THE BOYZ have come a long way, and have won ‘Best Performance’ at 2021 Melon Music Award, and recently released their newest holiday single, ‘Candles‘. To commemorate THE BOYZ four year anniversary since debuting in 2017, Dalcomsoft collaborated with THE BOYZ to repay their fans for their immense support.

The app SuperStar Series, which has been downloaded over 70 million times around the world, is known for its rhythmic-based games which include over 140 artists! The past July, Dalcomsoft launched in the U.S with artists added to the game such as Billie Eilish, Juice WRLD, Imagine Dragons, Olivia Rodrigo, Rae Sremmurd, and so much more. The game centers around allowing fans to connect to their top artist by allowing them to play along to their favorite performances, and even collect and upgrade photocards with their card collection feature.

Dalcomsoft is a Korea-based that launched in 2014 and since then has become one of the leading music gaming entertainment companies, due to launching fourteen different apps within SuperStar. Many might even be familiar to fans around the world, apps include SuperStar SM Town, SuperStar BTS, SuperStar JYP Nation, SuperStar Starship, SuperStar Pledis, SuperStar IZ*ONE, SuperStar GFRIEND, SuperStar Woollim, SuperStar YG, SuperStar KANGDANIEL, SuperStar FNC, SuperStar ATEEZ, SuperStar P Nation, SuperStar BRANDNEW MUSIC, and the latest addition SuperStar THE BOYZ.

Thanks to Dalcomsoft, ATEEZ’s KQ Entertainment, and P NATION, you can download the SuperStar App for free on Google and iOS. As we enter a new year, we cannot wait to see all the new artist and song additions that will be made in the upcoming months.

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