KMU: KUVI Media Universe

As we, KUVI, approach our 10th anniversary this year, we are ready expand our company even more! We are happy to introduce the KMU (KUVI Media Universe). In this new media universe we are expanding on what we currently provide. KUVI will continue the strong partnership with TOKKISTAR, which they have their own universe but both of our universe connect in the same multiverse!

What will KMU provide?:

  • Continuing providing music news, but now with a focus on multi-genres (K-Pop, J-Pop, American Pop, Latin Pop, and much more!)
  • Continuing providing the latest local, national, and international music news events (Festivals, Concerts, Fan-meets, etc.)
  • NEW!: Providing the latest/BREAKING local, national, and international news.
  • NEW!: Providing the latest information/activities/worksheets/lessons in K-12 education (Math, Science, Reading, Social Studies, etc.)

We hope to expand our universe even more in the future.

We want to welcome you to KUVI Media Universe, and thank you so much for continuing supporting us for the past 10 years! šŸ„°

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