The K-Pop industry morn Moonbin’s passing

After the unbelievable news of Moonbin from Astro’s death, yesterday April 19th, the K-Pop industry has not been the same. From idol groups to music show programs have expressed their condolences to Moonbin’s family, friends and fans.

On April 20th, MCountdown! had MCs be dressed in black and had a moment of silence to remember Moonbin.

Idol groups and other TV shows have also expressed themselves on social media saying:

We express our deep sorrow and condolences at the news regarding ASTRO’s Moonbin. May he rest in peace.

Dream Concert

ASTRO’s Moonbin suddenly left the world to become an everlasting star. Moonbin was loved by many including his fans, since his debut in 2016. We express our deep sorrow at the regretful news and wish our condolences.


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