Flashback K-Pop! [April 15-21] Feat. VIXX, JBJ, C-Clown & More!

20 Years Ago [April 15-21, 2003]

TAKE_ 1Story (Album) [April 17, 2003]

They may not be very well known group but their music is very underrated. TAKE made their debut as a 5-member group back on April 17, 2003 with their debut album 1Story. The group is still active after 20 years, but as a duo group with members Seung Hee and Sung Jae.

15 Years Ago [April 15-21, 2008]

EPIK HIGH_ Pieces, Part One (Album) [April 17, 2008]

Epik High were one of the best underrated Hip-hop group of the time, and this repackaged album of their 5th studio album showed their unique K-HipHop style.

10 Years Ago [April 15-21, 2013]

C-CLOWN_ Shaking Heart (Album) [April 18, 2013]

This great but short lived idol group had their best comeback in 2013 with their album Shaking Heart, reaching the 1 in the Gaon Chart.

5 Years Ago [April 15-21, 2018]

VIXX_ Eau de VIXX (album) [April 17, 2018]

Legendary group VIXX had one of their wonderful comebacks with their title track Scentist.

JBJ_ New Moon (Album) [April 17, 2018]

This was a lovely comeback but unfortunately the last one for the iconic Produce 101 participants.

IN2IT_ SnapShot (Single Album) [April 19, 2018]

This is IN2IT’s highest chart topping comeback to date, reaching #9 on the K-Pop charts.

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