Top 2013 K-Pop Songs [ChatAI Picked]

The era of 2013 K-Pop was filled with iconic songs we still love to this day.

These are the TOP 10 K-Pop songs the Chat AI decided to be the best greatest K-Pop songs of 2013!

Let us know if you agree with the AI’s list.😁

*Some of these songs debuted before 2013, but remained popular into 2013.*

#10: WonderBoyz_”Tarzan”

The song “Tarzan” is one of their popular tracks. The song has a fun and upbeat vibe, with lyrics about feeling free and wild like Tarzan in the jungle. The music video includes scenes of the members interacting with animals and swinging on vines, which ties in with the Tarzan theme of the song.

#09: CL_”The Baddest Female

“The Baddest Female” music video is a bold and stylish showcase of CL’s talents and unique personality.

#08: Girl’s Day_”Expectation”

One of the most memorable moments of the video is when the members of Girl’s Day perform a chair dance routine, showcasing their sensual and provocative side. Overall, the “Expectation” music video is a powerful and sexy showcase of Girl’s Day’s talents and image.

#07: PSY_”Gentleman”

Throughout the video, PSY performs his signature “horse-riding” dance, which became a viral sensation following the release of his previous hit song “Gangnam Style”. “Gentleman” music video is a fun and outrageous showcase of PSY’s talent for comedic and energetic performances.

#06: T-ARA_”Roly Poly”

“Roly-Poly” music video is a fun and nostalgic tribute to the 1980s, with T-ara members showcasing their playful and energetic personalities through their dancing and fashion.

#05: EXO_”Wolf”

“Wolf” music video is a dramatic and visually stunning showcase of EXO’s talents and image, with the group embracing their wolf-like persona and creating a unique and memorable music video.

#04: Crayon Pop_”BAR BAR BAR”

The video features the members of Crayon Pop dressed in colorful and quirky outfits, with their signature helmets. “Bar Bar Bar” music video is a fun and quirky showcase of Crayon Pop’s playful and energetic personalities, with the group’s colorful and unique fashion style adding to the video’s charm.

#03: Girls’ Generation_”I Got A Boy”

“I Got a Boy” music video is a vibrant and eclectic showcase of Girls’ Generation’s diverse talents and personalities, with the group embracing different styles and concepts to create a dynamic, memorable, but musically controversial music video.

#02: f(x)_”Rum Pum Pum Pum”

The members of f(x) showcase their impressive dance skills and unique personalities, with each member getting their own solo shots and moments to shine. Overall, the “Rum Pum Pum Pum” music video is a vibrant and playful showcase, with the group delivering a fun and energetic performance that captures the spirit of the song.

#01: EXO_”Growl”

Throughout the video, the members of EXO showcase their impressive dance skills and powerful stage presence, with their smooth and fluid movements perfectly synchronized to create a cohesive and impressive performance. The video also features several impressive visual effects, including split-screen shots and slow-motion sequences. Overall, the “Growl” music video is a stylish and impressive showcase of EXO’s talents and personalities, with the group delivering a smooth and powerful performance that captures the intensity and emotion of the song.

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