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KUVI (formerly known as KPOP FANS) is an aspiring news media site founded by Daniel Gomez on August 22nd, 2012. In early 2020 we brought on our active Live Music Journalist and Photographer Claudia Granados, who has been bringing news regarding K-Pop tours. We at KUVI strive to bring to all our readers first-hand news, photos and interviews from the latest shows. With viewers from around the world such as South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and many more. We look forward to expanding our audience as we explore ways to bring more K-Pop and non-KPop news to our readers.

Meet the Team!

Founder: Daniel Gomez

I started this website back in 2012. KUVI was formally known as KPOP FANS. I love K-Pop so much, that I began to blog about it. it first began as a hobby, but when I noticed that many people around the world were reading my blog posts, I decided to work harder to grow my audience. 

“I hope that our K-Pop news website keeps getting more attention and the community keeps growing year after year.”

Daniel Gomez

Journalist/ Photographer: Claudia Granados

I joined KUVI at beginning of 2020. Journalism and photography have always been a skill I possessed when I was child. When I was 14, I was gifted my first digital SLR camera, and from there on my skill turned into a hobby. Falling into the rabbit hole that is K-Pop that same year, I always told myself that I would find a way to capture the beauty of an Idol. Since then, I practiced for years, attending classes, and did everything in my power to do more; photography became my passion. Thanks to Daniel and the KUVI’s partners, they have been able to make my dreams come true. Covering for artist such as, Kevin Woo in Arlington, TX and Head in The Clouds 2021 that hosted DPR Ian, CL, BIBL, Rich Brian, Keshi, Joji, and many more!

“With the opportunity that I was given, I will work hard to perfect my craft, and I hope to work with more projects in the future. Please look forward to my growth, thank you.”

Claudia Granados
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