4 Apink members leave the group


Today, IST Ent. released a statement through twitter announcing the departing of Apink’s members Bomi, Chorong, Namjoo and Hayoung. But even though four members have left, they stated that Eunji will remain in IST Ent. and the members will continue with their Apink promotions.

Hello, this is IST Entertainment.

Thank you to all of the fans who cherish and support Apink.

We would like to inform you of our official position regarding Apink’s future activities.

After careful consideration and discussion with the members ahead of the expiration of the Apink members’ exclusive contracts, Chorong, Bomi, Namjoo, and Hayoung concluded their beautiful 12-year journey with us at in late April.

Eunji has recently renewed her contract and will continue her relationship with us. She plans to greet you with her next work as soon as possible as well as continuing her singing career. We will continue to support her so she can stand out in various fields.

Regardless of whether they are signed with us or not, Apink has promised to continue their team activities without disbanding. All of the members have a strong will and desire for their group activities. We will consult with the members and cooperate so that we can all protect the group.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the Apink members who have worked together for 12 years to establish themselves as one of K-Pop’s representative girl groups. We ask for your continued support and love for Apink, who are preparing for their new start.

Thank you.

IST Ent.

Check out Apink’s Greatest Hits!

Top 2013 K-Pop Songs [ChatAI Picked]


The era of 2013 K-Pop was filled with iconic songs we still love to this day.

These are the TOP 10 K-Pop songs the Chat AI decided to be the best greatest K-Pop songs of 2013!

Let us know if you agree with the AI’s list.😁

*Some of these songs debuted before 2013, but remained popular into 2013.*

#10: WonderBoyz_”Tarzan”

The song “Tarzan” is one of their popular tracks. The song has a fun and upbeat vibe, with lyrics about feeling free and wild like Tarzan in the jungle. The music video includes scenes of the members interacting with animals and swinging on vines, which ties in with the Tarzan theme of the song.

#09: CL_”The Baddest Female

“The Baddest Female” music video is a bold and stylish showcase of CL’s talents and unique personality.

#08: Girl’s Day_”Expectation”

One of the most memorable moments of the video is when the members of Girl’s Day perform a chair dance routine, showcasing their sensual and provocative side. Overall, the “Expectation” music video is a powerful and sexy showcase of Girl’s Day’s talents and image.

#07: PSY_”Gentleman”

Throughout the video, PSY performs his signature “horse-riding” dance, which became a viral sensation following the release of his previous hit song “Gangnam Style”. “Gentleman” music video is a fun and outrageous showcase of PSY’s talent for comedic and energetic performances.

#06: T-ARA_”Roly Poly”

“Roly-Poly” music video is a fun and nostalgic tribute to the 1980s, with T-ara members showcasing their playful and energetic personalities through their dancing and fashion.

#05: EXO_”Wolf”

“Wolf” music video is a dramatic and visually stunning showcase of EXO’s talents and image, with the group embracing their wolf-like persona and creating a unique and memorable music video.

#04: Crayon Pop_”BAR BAR BAR”

The video features the members of Crayon Pop dressed in colorful and quirky outfits, with their signature helmets. “Bar Bar Bar” music video is a fun and quirky showcase of Crayon Pop’s playful and energetic personalities, with the group’s colorful and unique fashion style adding to the video’s charm.

#03: Girls’ Generation_”I Got A Boy”

“I Got a Boy” music video is a vibrant and eclectic showcase of Girls’ Generation’s diverse talents and personalities, with the group embracing different styles and concepts to create a dynamic, memorable, but musically controversial music video.

#02: f(x)_”Rum Pum Pum Pum”

The members of f(x) showcase their impressive dance skills and unique personalities, with each member getting their own solo shots and moments to shine. Overall, the “Rum Pum Pum Pum” music video is a vibrant and playful showcase, with the group delivering a fun and energetic performance that captures the spirit of the song.

#01: EXO_”Growl”

Throughout the video, the members of EXO showcase their impressive dance skills and powerful stage presence, with their smooth and fluid movements perfectly synchronized to create a cohesive and impressive performance. The video also features several impressive visual effects, including split-screen shots and slow-motion sequences. Overall, the “Growl” music video is a stylish and impressive showcase of EXO’s talents and personalities, with the group delivering a smooth and powerful performance that captures the intensity and emotion of the song.

Flashback K-Pop! [April 15-21] Feat. VIXX, JBJ, C-Clown & More!


20 Years Ago [April 15-21, 2003]

TAKE_ 1Story (Album) [April 17, 2003]

They may not be very well known group but their music is very underrated. TAKE made their debut as a 5-member group back on April 17, 2003 with their debut album 1Story. The group is still active after 20 years, but as a duo group with members Seung Hee and Sung Jae.

15 Years Ago [April 15-21, 2008]

EPIK HIGH_ Pieces, Part One (Album) [April 17, 2008]

Epik High were one of the best underrated Hip-hop group of the time, and this repackaged album of their 5th studio album showed their unique K-HipHop style.

10 Years Ago [April 15-21, 2013]

C-CLOWN_ Shaking Heart (Album) [April 18, 2013]

This great but short lived idol group had their best comeback in 2013 with their album Shaking Heart, reaching the 1 in the Gaon Chart.

5 Years Ago [April 15-21, 2018]

VIXX_ Eau de VIXX (album) [April 17, 2018]

Legendary group VIXX had one of their wonderful comebacks with their title track Scentist.

JBJ_ New Moon (Album) [April 17, 2018]

This was a lovely comeback but unfortunately the last one for the iconic Produce 101 participants.

IN2IT_ SnapShot (Single Album) [April 19, 2018]

This is IN2IT’s highest chart topping comeback to date, reaching #9 on the K-Pop charts.

The K-Pop industry morn Moonbin’s passing


After the unbelievable news of Moonbin from Astro’s death, yesterday April 19th, the K-Pop industry has not been the same. From idol groups to music show programs have expressed their condolences to Moonbin’s family, friends and fans.

On April 20th, MCountdown! had MCs be dressed in black and had a moment of silence to remember Moonbin.

Idol groups and other TV shows have also expressed themselves on social media saying:

We express our deep sorrow and condolences at the news regarding ASTRO’s Moonbin. May he rest in peace.

Dream Concert

ASTRO’s Moonbin suddenly left the world to become an everlasting star. Moonbin was loved by many including his fans, since his debut in 2016. We express our deep sorrow at the regretful news and wish our condolences.


*BREAKING!* Moonbin from ASTRO passes away + Fantagio’s confirmation announcement


It saddens us to report that ASTRO’s member Moonbin has passed away…

At approximately 8:10 PM KST on April 19th, 2023, Seoul Gangnam Police reported that K-Pop idol Moonbin was found dead in his apartment in the Gangnam District of Seoul, S.Korea.

“It appears that Moonbin took his own life,” adding, “We are currently discussing the possibility of an autopsy to determine the precise cause of death.”

Seoul Gangnam Police Statement

In the early morning of April 20th, 2023 Fantigio released a statement confirming Moonbin’s death saying the following:

This is Fantagio.

First, we apologize for having to convey this sorrowful and heartbreaking news.

On April 19, ASTRO member Moonbin suddenly left us and has now become a star in the sky.

Although it cannot compare to the grief of the bereaved family that had to part with their beloved son and brother, his fellow artists and the staff here at Fantagio, who have been together with him for a long time, are also deeply mourning the departed amidst tremendous shock and sorrow.

It pains us even more to have to convey this sudden news to the fans who have given their unsparing love and support to Moonbin. Because we know all too well just how unparalleled the departed [Moonbin] was in his love for his fans, whom he was constantly thinking of, the grief is all the more overwhelming.

In order for the bereaved family, who has fallen into great sorrow due to this sudden tragedy, to be able to respectfully mourn the departed and say their goodbyes, we entreat you to please refrain from speculative or malicious reports.

In accordance with the wishes of the bereaved family, the funeral will be held as quietly as possible, with family, close friends, and agency colleagues in attendance.

Once again, we express our deep mourning as the departed walks his final path.


Words cannot explain the shock and sadness we all feel about this news. Even though we did not meet Moonbin in person, we connected with him through his art and music. Please take care of yourself and be safe.

If you or someone you know is suicidal, call one of the numbers at https://blog.opencounseling.com/suicide-hotlines/. If someone is in IMMEDIATE danger, please call your local emergency number (e.g. 911 in the US).

NCT’s new subunit announced!


Exciting news for NCT fans – a new subunit has been announced! SM Entertainment recently revealed that it will be adding a NCT subunit with NCT-DOJAEJUNG, which will consist with three current members: Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo.

NCT-DOJAEJUNG will be making their debut on April 17 @ 6PM KST with their mini album “Perfume” (tracklist available below).

This announcement has already generated a lot of buzz within the K-pop community, with fans speculating on what kind of music and concept this new subunit will showcase.

Fans are now eagerly waiting for more details about the upcoming subunit’s concept.

Stay tuned for more updates on NCT’s new subunit and get ready to witness the group’s growth and evolution yet again!

LE SSERAFIM show they’re truly “Fearless”!


HYBE & Source Music new female group, LE SSARAFIM, have just made their soon to be iconic debut!

This debut comes after a few weeks of controversy. Other than that, the girls have shown they’re truly FEARLESS of what k-netizens have to say about them. The girls have a minimal fashion style choice but with a strong and powerful funk-based alternative pop. The song progresses beautifully and seems to distinguish itself from the current K-Pop scene of mashed up multi-genres.

We hope this is an uphill beginning for these powerful rookie idols. ~Best Wishes!

KMU: KUVI Media Universe


As we, KUVI, approach our 10th anniversary this year, we are ready expand our company even more! We are happy to introduce the KMU (KUVI Media Universe). In this new media universe we are expanding on what we currently provide. KUVI will continue the strong partnership with TOKKISTAR, which they have their own universe but both of our universe connect in the same multiverse!

What will KMU provide?:

  • Continuing providing music news, but now with a focus on multi-genres (K-Pop, J-Pop, American Pop, Latin Pop, and much more!)
  • Continuing providing the latest local, national, and international music news events (Festivals, Concerts, Fan-meets, etc.)
  • NEW!: Providing the latest/BREAKING local, national, and international news.
  • NEW!: Providing the latest information/activities/worksheets/lessons in K-12 education (Math, Science, Reading, Social Studies, etc.)

We hope to expand our universe even more in the future.

We want to welcome you to KUVI Media Universe, and thank you so much for continuing supporting us for the past 10 years! 🥰

Due to high demand, P1HARMONY adds dates to U.S tour!


P1HARMONY have sold out their tickets for their upcoming US tour ‘2022 P1Harmony LIVE TOUR [P1ustage H : PEACE]’, but that’s not a reason to be discouraged!

Thanks to SubKulture and FNC Entertainment, with massive demand and incredible fan support, additional dates and seats have been added to the tour! See below:

Debuting in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, P1Harmony has proven their talent, receiving massive support globally by selling out within the first 30 minutes.

Along with additional dates, they have added additional seating to the March 16, 2022 show in Miami and the March 25, 2022 show in San Jose, for P4 and P5 tickets.

Continue to support P1Harmony as they continue to release new and incredible music; check out their latest music video for their recent release of ‘Do it Like This’!

Tickets for additional dates and tickets will be going on sale this coming Friday, February 18th, 2022 at 5:00 PM (local venue time). Head to SubKulture to purchase your tickets here!

P1Harmony to embark on U.S tour this March 2022!


February 2022 has begun and we can honestly say that this year is going to be full of incredible surprises and events that we’ve all been waiting for!

With that being said, FNC Entertainment and SubKulture Entertainment are proud to announce that P1HARMONY will be coming to the U.S this March! After the huge success of their 2020 debut and release of their recent EP ‘DISHARMONY: FIND OUT’, KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, INTAK, SOUL, and JONGSEOB, are super excited to finally embark on ‘2022 P1Harmony LIVE TOUR [P1ustage H: PEACE]’.

P1HARMONY will begin their Stateside tour in New York City at ‘The Town Hall’ and follows through to Washington DC, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Denver, San Jose, and lastly Los Angeles, CA. 

They’ve made waves since their debut, and have gained fans across the world, not only with their EP; but also with their feature film, ‘P1H: A New World Begins’. ‘DISHARMONY: FIND OUT’ has been their highest ranking album to date, and features their title track that we all know and love, “Do It Like This”. You can check out their music video now:

Their title track received over 1.1 million Spotify streams in the first two weeks, and the song titled “Follow Me” ranked number 19 on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs Chart. PH1Harmony continues to grow their fan base, as they were recently seen perform for the Major League Soccer match between the Los Angeles FC and the Seattle Sounders at the Banc of California Stadium in LA.

They are definitely the next boy band to watch out for and one you do not want to miss! Tickets for ‘2022 P1Harmony LIVE TOUR [P1ustage H:PEACE]’ go on sale Thursday, February 10th, 2022 at 3 PM (local venue time) and they can be purchased at SubKulture now!

Check out the ticketing information below:

So don’t forget to set your reminders and alarms for 3:00 PM (local venue time) on Thursday, February 10th, 2022. You can stay updated with P1HARMONY on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and check out their music and videos on Spotify and YouTube.

Stay connected and updated on all things K-Pop with KUVI!

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